Video Surveilance

Systems Technology

Our IP High Definition systems deliver business owners powerful video surveillance technology which once linked to our wide range of excellent Mega Pixel IP Cameras, has the added benefit of being simple to operate both on-site and from remote locations: Home, Office or even when travelling. The Embedded Linux Hi Definition True IP System powered NVR adopts compression technology that will ensure bold megapixel clarity and in real time Playback and Live Viewing.

Our System Produces Footage that is Tamper Proof, and 100% Water Marked Encrypted, which is only accepted by Courts of Law, Insurance Companies and Authorities.


  • Multi-tasking for easy and simultaneous viewing, recording, playback and remote viewing functions
  • Hi definition true IP and most powerful Sony Chipped megapixel image management software and hardware
  • Your choice of small 4ch up to large 128ch camera systems
  • Stable and reliable embedded Linux Operating System
  • Real-time recording at 25 frames per second per camera
  • Real-time viewing of all cameras on-site or by broadband/3G/4G Offsite
  • Remote Viewing Applications compatible with Apple, Android or Windows Devices Smart Phones and Tablets
  • The non-volatile program memory protects all programmable features against power loss with automatic re-boot feature.
  • UPS Uninterrupted Power Supply
  • Sound Recording